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Under the Stars — 9/10/2022

Under the Stars – Precita Park

Saturday,  September 10, 2022

Precita Avenue @ Folsom Street

Setup: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Films: 7:00 – 9:30 pm

We’re back UNDER THE STARS at PRECITA PARK for a night of films that will make you laugh, cry and think!.

You know the drill: Bring a picnic, a blanket, a low-back chair and dress for cool weather. No reservations required. Join us as we celebrate the filmmakers whose films we feature tonight.

This is an outdoor event, in the park

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Film Lineup

Program/schedule is subject to change

Touch the Sky   02:05


Alan Rosenfeld

The carefree days of childhood come alive through a little girl’s imagination. On a sunny day with her father, they meet up with like-minded travelers.

Bickering Burglars   04:02


Madeline Ko

Two burglars break into a house, then argue about their thieving strategies as they escape. Police arrive, and a wild car chase ensues.

Stache Society   05:38


Olive Corine Read

After an encounter with a mustachioed stranger, a young boy goes to many lengths to find the secret society the stranger may be apart of.

Welcome to Life   03:08


Samantha Ariel Berlanga

“Welcome to Life” rebels against the trite representation of gender roles and femininity through the journey of two marionettes .

Wade in the Water   00:45

Visual Essay

Betsy Stern

The barricades that people of color face all the time are reflected by  the buildings with seemingly no entrance. I’ve seen the difference in the way we are treated. I want that to end.

Distant Observer   013:48

Music Video

Ramiro Cairo

Distance makes us more observant. During the pandemic, Nico Cuneo in Buenos Aires and Ramiro Cairo in San Franciso collaborated on a “journey within a journey” and invite us to explore it with them.

Paul Panish: Poem on My Eighty-Seventh Birthday   08:22


Dan Goldes

Oakland poet Paul Panish ruminates on the nature of creativity, on his life, and on the somewhat surprising act of turning 87, which he has, naturally, turned into a poem.


Equinox   02:45


Mark West

Time passes quickly, and so does the light on this special day, which happens to be on an equinox, the perfect balance between light and darkness.

The Merry Widow   09:34


Jason Jakaitis

The Merry Widow is a radioactive “health spa” located in the heart of an abandoned ore mine in Montana, and the site of the filmmaker’s efforts to come to grips with his mother’s ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Music for Hard Times, Part 2   02:43

Music Video

Jon Fischer & Danny Clay

A pandemic-era music video conceived as an audio visual resource for comfort and calming by guitar-percussion chamber ensemble The Living Earth and Danny Clay and Jon Fischer, Bernal-based visual artist

The Phoenix   15:00


Regina Pigsley

A young girl attempts to fix her parents’ marriage by using her newly discovered superpowers.

Side Effects   15:04


Star Finch & Campo Santo

An excerpt of a longer piece written by San Francisco native Star Finch for local new performances group Campo Santo- travels back to 2009 in order to better interrogate the present as it relates to the American Dream, gentrification, and the marijuana industry.