Face-to-Face with the Filmmaker

2018 Quarterly Screenings
January 30, April 24 & June 26

January 30

20th Anniversary Screening

Bernal Branch Library
500 Cortland Avenue
7:00 to 8:30 pm
Doors open at 6:30 pm

Filmmaker Greg Gavin

Former long-time resident of Bernal Hill and creator of Riveropolis, Greg is a carpenter, visual artist and filmmaker who grew up in Northern California where as a child he began a lifelong pre-occupation with creeks. While in graduate school in the early 90’s at the California College of the Arts, he began a series of installations, public art projects, and artist residencies that often included wood working, film making and the construction of large scale environments in collaboration with community and youth. In 1994, Gavin founded Will Power Motors, an art studio dedicated to teaching design and carpentry skills to children. Inspired by the trust and confidence gained through woodworking, Gavin invited his young carpentry students to star along with their home made cars in BERNALTOWN, a narrative video set in a fantastic, idealized and comedic version of their own neighborhood. BERNALTOWN premiered in May 1997, at the Bernal Heights Playground behind the Bernal Library to a vast audience of neighbors before appearing in the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Billboard announcing the premiere screening in May 1997


The PowerBuilders: David Stoller, Josh Morton, Cortney Davis, Shyla Evancheck and Adaya Brand-Thomas