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Outdoor Cinema Season — 2023

20th Anniversary star

20th Anniversary Season

ENJOY three evenings celebrating local filmmakers in community with neighbors, friends, family and film-lovers

Friday, September 8 — Film Crawl on Cortland

6 venues screening
6 different programs
Inclusions Gallery
627 Cortland Ave

Films presented by

A selection of films from the  SMALL BITES program of the 3rd Annual San Francisco Queer Film Festival, August 25 – 27

Median   15:00


Matthew Riutta

A gay activist rallies the queer community after he and a trans activist are assaulted by a group of religious extremists.

Shikata ga Nai (it cannot be helped)   12:00


Kevin Kodama

A fantasy romance set in the ruins of a Japanese American internment camp where a young couple attempts to reconcile their relationship as ghosts.

Bernal Branch Library 500 Cortland Ave

Films presented by

The Jerk   06:19


Otto Danielson

A high schooler running for student council who no one wants to vote for and his bizzare campaign.

How to Catch the wind   06:49


Vanessa Smith

Capturing the spirit of the wind

what goes in water 05:50


Nivrith Raman, Calvin Iverson, Patrick Holden, Deepak Iyar, Zoe Ivan

An investigation into how water pollution destroys our fragile ecosystems.

another man’s trash   03:59


Ellie Wong, Atticus Hansen, Ryan Njuguna, Noor Hamid, Ivana Carroll

As litter fills up our streets, we examine the beauty and reality of San Francisco.

Voices From Camp Reel Stories  05:46


Clay Go, Hanh Chu, Rosie

A behind the scenes look at a filmmaking summer camp that empowers girls and gender expansive youth.

Plumbum Nitorem 02:50


Katie McNab, Lila Welch, Naomi Scheele, Olivia Westervelt

Two recently unemployed friends find a flyer for a wonderful job offer, however there’s only one spot left.

Feel Uncomfortable   05:00


Alma Barreda Kaplan, Zofia Wang, Melina Begin, Jay Joyce, Soledad Rodriguez

A long uncomfortable elevator ride leaves Tim the Trash Man in a state of utter panic and disarray.

Burn  04:13


Penelope Malley-Porter, Mila Terry-Koon, Ámela Amago, Kaya Baker

A wealthy teen learns the true intentions behind her father’s paper company and attempts revenge.

“entertain”  03:57

Music Video

Xiarel Guillermo-Cortes, Jasmine Bouyer, Dorothy Perillo-Dutton

A live performance of the song “Entertain” by local experimental hip hop duo Lil Shlurp Shlurp.

Bernal Star Restaurant 410 Cortland Ave

Films presented by

Feel the music, celebrate local heroes, and share the trials of parenthood.  These local films are lovingly made by filmmakers with roots in Bolivia, France and Mexico. Their cultural awareness and appreciation is woven into the work they produce.

La Macana   10:00


Maria Eugenia Mealla

Recently divorced Carmen and Franco work through their fervent relationship to support their daughter Sol when she gets her period for the first time.

The Mission   18:00


Hélène Goupil

When COVID hit, longtime activist Valerie Tulier-Laiwa knew her neighborhood would be greatly affected. Her personal story isn’t just what brought her here, it’s what keeps her going

Souleros   18:00


Jesus Cruz

Soulero is a slang term used to describe soul record collectors primarily from the Mexican-American/Chicano community. Meet a group of Northern California record collectors committed to keeping the legacy of many underground soul artists alive.

Progressive Grounds Cafe´ 400 Cortland Ave

Films presented by

Our mission is to celebrate African American cinema and the African cultural diaspora and to showcase a diverse collection of films – from emerging and established filmmakers.

blackness is everything   4:36


Alba Roland Mejia

A performative short film that celebrates the diversity of the Black diaspora in the Bay Area.

The Block   24:58

Comedy/Mixed Media

Mimi Chakarova

Inventively funny, absurd and surprising, this film redefines what it means to coexist in a perpetually changing neighborhood.

Reggie and June   12:51


Brandon Thomas

A young couple raising a 3-year-old toddler struggle to be sensitive to each other’s cultural traditions and experiences.

SEMCO Engineering 322 Cortland Ave

Films presented by

Black Entrepreneurship and Black Culture have been at the heart of San Francisco’s origin story: from music to food, from veterans to builders and artists. Explore stories from the hillsides of Bernal Heights and beyond where Citizen Film has been collaborating with community partners to share these stories. 

Ian James Made  05:00 


Sadiq Norris

The Two Eighty Project  07:00 


Sophie Constantinou

Vets Alley  04:00


Caron Creighton

Harlem of the West: then and now  15:00


Sophie Constantinou

Sarah Zemunski Photography 307 Cortland Ave

Films presented by

FOR ALL AGES — 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm

Half Return  07:53 


Matilde Luz Smith

Estranged sisters are confronted by memories of childhood.

A Trace   05:24


Julietta Zamora Lam

A young girl learns to shed her guilt about her absent father. This student shortfilm features an experimental flat character in a 3D environment with a toony rendered look.

Without You  04:24

Music Video

Samantha Berlanga

Sophia Yau-Week performs her song “Without You.”

The Freeway  Greenway  07:10


Maura Cotter & David Waldorf

In the Portola District of San Francisco, community members transform a blighted area next to the CA-101 freeway.

Looking Glass  03:08


Calixta Lehman

A woman on her way home comes upon a discarded mirror. 

The Tenderloin Through My Eyes  04:24


Humera Shaikh

A personal reflection and narrative about the Tenderloin Neighborhood of San Francisco.

There Alone  08:38


Erin Malley

What happens to us in the moments of our lives when we go in one direction instead of another? 


Sail Away  07:12


Diana Hartman

A disenchanted hatter receives a curious and inspiring visitor.

A suit we wear  13:32


Meera Joshi

Anika is about to go on the date of her dreams when she is caught off guard by an unexpected visit from her mother.

Irreversible Imprints  05:41


Carlos Manuel Mora

Aurora accompanies her parents to the Castello Ursino museum in Catania, Sicily,  but quickly finds their bickering too much.

It’s Jesus!  09:11


JD Boxley

A film crew visits Jesus at his new home in Los Angeles!

A Certain Personality  08:59


Gaby Scott

A story of four Northern Californian surfers who all share a wildness and passion for the bigger days at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Saturday, September 9 — Under the Stars, Precita Park

We’re back UNDER THE STARS at PRECITA PARK for a night of films that will make you laugh, cry and think!

Film Lineup

Program/schedule is subject to change

Somos Diferentes/ We Are All Different  02:20

Music Video

René Peña-Govea

Three generations of the Peña-Govea family make music together and sing about how their differences make them stronger.

The Simulation  02:07


Maddy Montoya

A commentary on the culture of society dictating how a person should identify and how societal “norms” are viewed as the “default.”

little T  03:50


Masha Ellsworth

Follow Alexis on the biggest day of her life – her dream job interview. Can Alexis overcome obstacles and land her dream job?

The Prince’s Dilemma  05:00


Devon Rowe

The film follows Prince Philip, who must decide to follow the traditional tale expected of him or forge his own “happily ever after.”

Roadkill Jamboree  05:51

Music Video

Meghan G Graham

This stop-motion/ 2D hybrid music video features music from the ska-punk band Suburban Legends. It is a grim yet humorous story highlighting the cost to wild animals caused by our highway systems.

Zoe. A Surf Story  27:02


Gaby Scott

A portrait of a teenage surf phenom, who’s pooled an eclectic community of mentors to guide her while she learns the ropes of failure, fear, and self-determination.

Bon Odori  04:37


Trent Osaki & Sally Thai

Kai, a young Japanese American boy struggling with the loss of his grandmother, tries to navigate his first Obon without her.

C:Hairs  02:11


Bradley Francis Williams

If you’re going to be a chair for the rest of your life, you may as well be a happy one.

Neutraface  03:38


Connor Casey

An address font takes over a community.

Just Ghost Me  06:30


Jeff Mizushima

Based on a true story — a metafiction recreation of a humorously failed relationship performed by the original writer of the article.

Leo Y Fernando  12:53


Jeremy Iván Goei Videla

Two friends struggle to maintain their friendship while facing the contradictions of U.S. immigration policies. 

Eco-Hack  16:33


Josh Izenberg & Brett Marty

An unconventional field biologist wages a high-tech war against ravens in the Mojave in a last-ditch effort to save the desert tortoise from extinction. 

Thursday, September 14 — Best of Bernal, Season Finale and 20th Anniversary Celebration at Brava Theater

The Best of Bernal Season Finale featured the four award-winning films and filmmakers of the 2023, 20th Anniversary season.

Film Lineup

Song from the Third Floor  03:18

Visual poem

Emiko Omori

Homage to my Bernal hood.


Best of Bernal



Steve Agnos & Henry Dombey

Precita Eyes muralistas were hired to paint a six-story mural on the side of an affordable housing apartment complex in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.

Spirit of Bernal

he had wings  29:00


Jeanne Marie Hallacy

A portrait of community artist, Ronnie Goodman and the impact of his creative activism to stand for social justice.


Bernal Bright Star

joss lotuses to grandma  06:15


Stefie Gan

A girl returns to Malaysia after her grandmother’s death. The film explores their bond, the biculturalism of immigration, and the cultural rituals that can help heal grief and the loss of separation.

Good Life Audience 

half return


Matilde Luz Smith

Estranged sisters are confronted by memories of childhood.

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