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FACE-to-FACE with the filmmaker — March 8, 2022

rock paper paint
Watch the Q&A with Audrey Daniel and Special Guests

Screening and Filmmaker Q&A with Special Guests

It was June 2020, three months into the COVID-19 lockdown, when a conflict between artists and neighbors erupted over the defacing of the Bernal Rock after it was painted with the “Black Lives Matter” emblem. Struck by the passion of the artists and local residents who expressed outrage over the defacement, filmmaker Audrey Daniel set out to document the impact public art can have in any community by empowering individuals and giving them a voice in society.


In Part 1 of this two-art documentary, ROCK PAPER PAINT Art of the People,we hear the voices of artists creating public artwork as a form of social dialogue. Among the Bay Area-based artists and organizations interviewed are: Favianna Rodriguez, founder of The Center for Cultural Power, interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist; Susan Cervantes, founder of Precita Eyes Mural Project; Art Hazelwood of the SF Poster Syndicate; Inga Bard, co-founder @PainttheVoidproject; Mission artist Calixto Robles; Gert McMullin, caretaker of the Aids Quilt; and Nancy Hom, artist, poet and community activist.

Music by Will Hammond, Jr., from his 2020 album “Blacklandia” and by Diane Gameros, Latina singer, songwriter and social activist from her album ”Arrullo”, a Mexican Folk Tribute.

Audrey Daniel Director

in 1984, Audrey began shooting videos of artwork in Los Angeles with the intention of becoming an art dealer. Pre internet, her vision was to rethink the brick-and-mortar gallery by using video to market the artwork. Realizing that videos of art were not as interesting as documenting the artists and their creative process she changed her tack. She began documenting the exploding performance art scene in L.A., followed by her first formal video documenting a group of Italian Artists from the “Arte Povera,” brought to L.A. by the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. In the 90’s she became a professional Fine Art photographer and then with the advent of computer editing and Final Cut she sold her Hasseblad and began shooting video, again. She has since produced “Centers of Creativity,” “Kurt Stoeckel Artist,” “Paul Dahlquist Photographer,“ “Owls of Bernal Hill,” “Rumi Tsuda: A Colony of One,” “Fields Of Color,” “Jack Kamesar: Fire and Spirit” and “Albert Paley: Thresholds.” Currently Audrey is in post-production on two documentary films: “Jim Mizuki, An American Farmer,“ and “Rex Amos the Dada Puzzler.”