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2014 Film Lineup



Thursday, SEPTEMBER 4
7:00–9:30 pm

3158 Mission

21 years and over venue
No-host bar; No cover

Master of Ceremonies: Ian Williams
Teacher, stand-up comic and neighbor.

music-note7:00–7:30 pm  Party & Music
The Richter Scales are a bevy of gentlemen songsters, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. They perform selections from a wide variety of genres, including American standards, Broadway, Motown, and contemporary music.

7:30–8:00 pm  Awards Presentation
“Best of Bernal” and “Spirit of Bernal” awards

8:00–9:30 pm  Films

Maddy Leonard          Visual Poem          3 min
Two young women, each who believes herself to be alone, discover the difference between loneliness and solitude.

Candace Roberts          Music Video          6 min
It’s a Gold Rush and the local denizens of San Francisco are lamenting the inevitable cultural and economic stresses the city faces. Shot at the now closed Gold Dust Lounge.

Kristin Tieche           Thriller          18 min
Phoebe, a smart and sassy bike mechanic, longingly looks for love as she rides the streets of San Francisco. Stopping in at her
favorite haunt, she meets and feels instant chemistry with Michael. Will this charming newcomer be “the one,” or just another link in the chain? When her crush spins out of control, Phoebe learns that love is a vicious cycle.

WA_Boomtown_Tahara_smlBOOMTOWN 3.0: ONE DAY IN SF 2014
Benoit Lacasse          Documentary          10 min
The impact of the current wave of San Francisco gentrification on performance arts through the lens of Tahara, original member of the legendary Cockettes troupe, now battling eviction. Shot in one day for the One Day on Earth project, about the future of our cities.

Donna LoCicero and Robert Campos
Documentary          10 min
Three stand-up comics seek fame and fortune in the hottest comedy scene in the world: San Francisco in the 1980s. There they meet rising stars Robin Williams and Dana Carvey. Success, it seems, is one good stand-up set away. Will Durst, Larry “Bubbles” Brown and Johnny Steele are being courted by agents and studios when suddenly the comedy recession hits. We follow them on a 30-year journey that is both hilarious and moving, through comedy’s boom and bust and into their current scramble to survive as comics. (clip of feature-length film to be released 11/14)

***Special Guest appearance: Johnny Steele will perform after the screening.



7:00–10:00 pm

Bennington to Anderson Streets

Simultaneous film screenings at six locations on the avenue

400 Cortland Avenue

7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm Films

Co-presented with
Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) — The Factory

Lily Yu        Narrative Fiction           2 min
An exploration in the daily stress of a teenage girl.

SinMadreSin Madre
Buffy Almendares         Narrative Fiction           3 min
A loving tribute to a working mother who struggles to work, support her family and be a mother.

Girls Rock CampBay Area Girls Rock Camp
Lily Yu and Judy Lee          Documentary           7 min
An intimate glimpse at relationships and rock music in the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp — part of The Factory’s Summer 2013 Community Filmmaking Project.

InconvenientAn Inconvenient Future
Julia Retzlaff and Reyna Colt-Lacayo
Experimental Fiction           3 min
A personal journey in cinema, music and death.

Marielle Boland
Experimental/Documentary          3 min
An artistic look at exploitation, bullying and teenage sexuality through one middle school youth’s experiences with Instagram.

StigmaStamp Out Stigma
Isabela Reid, Sydney Matterson and WinMon Kyi
PSA         2 min
A powerful look at the stigma people with mental health face — part of The Factory’s Summer 2013 Community Filmmaking Project.

Rachel Lin          Narrative Fiction           6 min
Elizabeth is determined to become a skateboarder and also fit in with the male-dominated skaters.

Love SeatLove Seat
Marielle Boland, Lily Yu and Mauricio Romero
Narrative Fiction/Music Video          3 min
A timeline of a relationship and a love seat.

Reyna Colt-Lacayo, Julia Retzlaff and Isabela Reid        Narrative Fiction           4 min
An illuminating drive through family obligation, personal stress and having to grow and face responsibility.

Julia Retzlaff          Documentary          6 min
A look at LYRIC’s mission to build community and inspire positive social change through education enhancement, career training, health promotion, and leadership development with LGBTQ youth, their families, and allies — part of The Factory’s Summer 2013 Community Filmmaking Project.

Fifer Garbesi, Jaison Cabebe and Owen Smith Clark     Documentary          5 min
A look at the Bay Area Youth Media Network’s work as a consortium of nonprofit organizations that believe in the power of media as a means to engage youth voice, self expression and empowerment and to inspire social change.

LimitedEngLimited English
Esteban Noyola          Documentary           6 min
An exploration of students in public schools who struggle because they have English as a Second Language (ESL) and how that affects the schools.

410 Cortland Avenue

7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm Films

Tania Ku           Music Video           4 min
An eccentric girl goes about her daily routine, maintaining her connection to the natural world and encountering fellow city dwellers who can’t help but notice her quirks.

AhSFAhh…San Francisco
Barrett Edmonds          Visual Poem          12 min
A present-day visual adaptation of a classic newspaper column by legendary San Francisco writer and journalist Herb Caen. Narration by Peter Coyote.

Alynn-Mags-thumbi+create=art: Alynn-Mags
Todd Dayton          Documentary          6 min
A pair of female street artists combine forces in an exploration of the creative process through collaboration, and partnership.

BHOCWhere Art Lives
TraVaughn Hicks          Documentary          6 min
The  SF Arts Commission’s program, Where Art Lives, teaches public school youth the difference between public art and graffiti. A student-produced documentary made with the support of Sunset Youth Services.

The-Apothecary_film-stillThe Apothecary
Helen Hood Scheer          Documentary          18 min
The beloved druggist in a remote outpost in Colorado operates the only pharmacy within 4,000 square miles while navigating a profound divide between his public persona and personal life. THE APOTHECARY explores notions of individual duty and obligation in the face of privately held grief and ambivalence. This film was inspired by a New Yorker profile by MacArthur Genius Award-winner Peter Hessler.

416 Cortland Avenue

7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm Films

Co-presented with
Cine+Mas, San Francisco Latino Film Festival

OjosQueNoVen_ShortFilmEyes That Do Not See/ Ojos que no Ven
Patricia C. Ovando          Drama/LGBTQ youth         15 min
While Margarita prepares for her daughter, Josephine’s quinceneara celebration,
Josephine, a 15 year-old first-generation Salvadorean American, has other plans and a whole other way of life that her mother refuses to see and come to terms with.

frontera_FilmStill_abFrontera! Revolt and Rebellion on the Rio Grande
John Jota Leaños          Animated Documentary          20 min.
‘Frontera!’ traces the seminal events and colonial entries that have shaped the deeply contested territories of the US-Mexico borderlands. Native and Chicana narrators recall this living history through memory, play, humor and song. The film is a collaboration between Chicano and Native artists in New Mexico and California.

Ivan Iturriaga            Drama            16 min
We wake up every day and follow a routine. Beep is a hectic tale about a young man struggling to find his inner peace amongst the sounds and chaos of his surroundings.

500 Cortland Avenue

**7:00 and 8:00 pm, only**

ViolaOrangeViola’s Orange
Patricia Warren          Experimental          1 min
An orange cut open in the kitchen of a young woman’s apartment has surprising powers — with a nod and a wink to Bill Viola.

BHOCPatterns + Textures: Paper Theater
Joshua Harper          Experimental          3 min
Paper images, characters and textures are manipulated with various computer applications to produce a three dimensional texture space where gods and goddesses cavort and play.

Taylor Mosley          Experimental          5 min
Trent Nahas is a painter and sculpture living in Oakland, CA. Trent scavenges for unclaimed treasures which he re-purposes and uses in his artwork, creating unique pieces.

Jonathan Alonso          Drama          5 min
A Mexican American street fighter is in the final fight of his life, but his opponent may not be the only one he is fighting. Filmed in Oakland, California.

Beth-PewterBeth Pewter aka Liz Breger
Lisa Garrigues          Documentary          15 min
What do radishes, Wichita, Cosmic Christianity and a tiled house on Bronte Street have in common? Meet Beth Pewther, mixed media artist and longtime Bernal Heights resident. Combining interviews with stunning imagery, this short documentary explores Pewther’s life and artistic work while it also raises questions about women, art, spirituality and living an artful life.

Jason Joseffer          Narrative          12 min
At a dinner gathering, a guest relates her experience with a rare medical phenomenon. Her friends’ react with humor, sadness and insight.

515 Cortland Avenue

7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm Films

Co-presented with 14 Black Poppies
Where do you belong? is a question artists and neighbors are asking all across San Francisco. This screening examines this question through four films from diverse Bay Area filmmakers, each with its own voice, aesthetic, and genre.  So…”Where do you belong?” Right here with us at this screening.

14BlackPoppiesLadies and Gentleman: Phatima Rude
Paul King          Documentary          9 min
This gritty documentary follows San Francisco underground performance artist Phatima’s struggles and triumphs with illness, poverty, addiction, and gender identity while living in their van.

Kirthi Nath          Documentary          9 min
A poetic visual journey about loving, grief, letting go and a search for faith. Shot on location in Bangalore, India and San Francisco, USA.

The-BenchThe Bench
Generations filmmakers (TILT)          Narrative          7 min
An assorted group of individuals, all facing personal dilemmas, vie with a young man, oblivious to their struggles, for space on a bench in Dolores Park.

Belonging#wheredoyoubelong trailer
Eddie Samaniego and Jason Wyman
Exploratory Documentary          4 min
A trans-disciplinary, cross-platform, multi-organizational investigation into belonging, that engages artists and community members in creation, exhibition, research, and civic-engagement. #wheredoyoubelong is both our starting point and our ending point. The investigation is the destination.

627 Cortland Avenue

7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm Films

Co-presented with

Methel-IslandMethel Island
Meg Smaker          Documentary          12 min
A meditation on meth. There is an island on the delta 45 minutes east of San Francisco that is infested with Crystal Meth. We learn about four inhabitants’ relationship to the drug.

Fifth-Stage-of-Labor-The Fifth Stage of Labor
Cynthia Lubow          Narrative          8 min
A single lesbian mom’s only son is about to leave for college —her heartbreak and struggle to let him go is complicated by his telling her he’s selling marijuana to ease her financial pressure.

3020-Laguna-St.-In-Exitum--150x150Laguna St. In Exitum
Ashley Rodholm and Joe Picard       Experimental         9 min
Based on and shot in a site specific art installation, ’3020 Laguna St. In Exitum’ is a short experimental narrative that explores and documents art created within a condemned home.

The-Wait-02The Wait
Mary Guzmán          Narrative          8 min
Unknown to each other but in love with the same woman, Kimberly and Petra wait together for help to arrive.

Kiss-Her-Im-Famous--150x150Kiss Her I’m Famous
Rolla Selbak          Narrative         5 min
Two on-again, off-again girlfriends make a fake celebrity sex tape to catapult them into fame. In this episode, Jen and Mandy are being interviewed on Charlie Jennings about what it’s like to be part of the first ever lesbian sex tape.

alice-directing-w-bookA Valentine for Alice
Amber Yada          Documentary          3 minAnimated tribute to Alice Guy-Blache, one of cinema’s progenitors. An early experimenter in sound and color. She founded the Solax film studio, Fort Lee, NJ. Many consider her film La Fee aux Choux to be the first fictional film. Her work was wildly popular and spanned many genres and themes, yet few of her 700+ (some say 1,000+) films survive.



Saturday, SEPTEMBER 6
6:30–9:30 pm

Folsom Street at Precita Avenue

Master of Ceremonies: Ian Williams
Teacher, stand-up comic and neighbor

music-note6:30–7:30 pm Music
Ohana (Ukuleles)
In Hawaiian, Ohana means “family,” and this group of musicians, some of whom are truly related, have played together for many years. They play an eclectic repertoire, including Country, Latin and “oldies,” but understandably, with predominance toward Hawaiian music.

7:45 pm Films

Daniel Vazquez           Romantic Comedy/Montage          4 min
A young man and woman write verses to each other describing what they love. We follow them through a whimsical montage as they express their love for honest moments.

BraveOur “Brave” Remake
Jen Kabbabe (AccessSFUSD:The Arc)      Music Video          5 min
AccessSFUSD students’ rendition of the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. This song inspired us to get out into our community, show our courageous spirits, demonstrate our awesome dance moves, and be BRAVE! We loved filming this video. It gave us the opportunity to bring our love of music and movement out into the streets, where we encouraged everyone we met to dance and be brave alongside us. (AccessSFUSD is a transition program for young adults aged 18-22 with developmental disabilities.)

Harvest-Still002Harvest: A Season
Ivan Moore           Visual Tone Poem          12 min
Visual tone poem chronicling a season of growth on Alemany Farm, a 3.5 acre community garden in the San Francisco neighborhood of Bernal Heights. Shot from spring to fall of 2013 — a filmed portrait of the garden, showing impressions and textures, the changes of the landscape over time, and the interaction of people and the land. Music by Knuckle Knockers and Thick Soup.

HowWeLive_01How We Live
Mark Decena (Kontent Films)          Documentary          7 min
Our dominant, extractive economy harms people and the planet. But around the world, communities are organizing to change the system, putting people and the planet before profit. Local activist Gopal Dayaneni examines how we live, and how we can do it better.

PaleHorsePale Horse
Max Stein           Drama          8 min
A farmer is taken from his land to a hilltop by a small group of soldiers to be executed. In his final moments, he makes the soldiers question their own devine fate in a desperate attempt to have his life spared.

CalixtoPortrait of Calixto Robles
Audrey Daniel           Documentary          7 min
Portrait of San Francisco artist Calixto Robles. Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Robles explores and celebrates his ancestral roots through his art.


HeartofSF_Still02Heart of San Francisco
Samati Boonchitsitsak          Experimental          5 min
This film features two San Francisco landmarks: Union Square and the Golden Gate Bridge. This poetic experimental film is this director’s love letter to the City.

Justice-for-Alex-Nieto-RIPDeath of Alex Nieto
Peter Menchini           Documentary          3 min
On the evening of March 21, 2014, San Francisco police shot and killed Alejandro Nieto, in Bernal Hill Park. The following day, friends, family, neighbors and concerned activists marched to the place of his death to celebrate his life and call for justice for Alex. The marches and vigils continue.

The-BenchThe Bench
Generations Filmmakers (TILT)           Narrative          7 min
An assorted group of individuals, all facing personal dilemmas, vie with a young man, oblivious to their struggles, for space on a bench in Dolores Park.

OjosQueNoVen_ShortFilmEyes That Do Not See/ Ojos que no Ven
Patricia C. Ovando          Drama/LGBTQ youth         15 min
While Margarita prepares for her daughter, Josephine’s quinceneara celebration, Josephine, a 15 year-old first-generation Salvadorean American, has other plans and a whole other way of life that her mother refuses to see and come to terms with.

Girls Rock CampBay Area Girls Rock Camp
Lily Yu and Judy Lee          Documentary           7 min
An intimate glimpse at relationships and rock music in the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp — part of The Factory’s Summer 2013 Community Filmmaking Project.

Last-Black-ManThe Last Black Man in San Francisco
Joe Talbot           Narrative          5 min
This trailer tells the story of Jimmie Fails, a young San Francisco native who finds himself feeling increasingly out of place in the only city he’s ever known. Excerpted from the not-yet-released feature-length film, “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” that deals with the convulsive social changes in this city, as reflected in Jimmie’s own life.

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